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Koltrane is the editor and producer of Azeroth Public Radio! By day, he is a professional Movie Trailer Voice Over Artist, which means the next time you hear “In a World…” it’s probably him! When he needs to rest his pipes, he edits movie trailers as well. By night, he likes to indulge in the “fun” side of editing by producing this show. Koltrane is formerly a host of the podcast “Convert to Raid” and he still enjoys creating epic sketches, comedy bits, and making horrible jokes whenever possible. An original “Vanilla” Wow player (just ask him) he has met some of the finest Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves, Orcs, and Tauren that this amazing community has to offer! His goal with this show, is to get you to relax after a hard day at work, take a break from all the IRL craziness, and enjoy yourself. So pull up a chair, grab some ale, and enjoy the show!


Shoeboots is a writer and co-host of APR, and has been playing WoW since 2005. He’s a strong advocate for Gnomes and for the Alliance and invites any Horde to try and take him down anytime. Warmode is on, baby! While Shoeboots loves so many aspects of WoW, his passion can be found in the lore of Azeroth. His passion project for APR is ‘This Azerothian Life’, which explores the lore through the personal stories of the characters of WoW. Shoeboots is also the co-host of “Merely a Setback”, a podcast about story in WoW. He lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and has only lost at Connect Four twice in his adult life.

Rebecca Davis

Nominated as Best International Performance for the 2019 One Voice Awards, and a 2019 Golden Trailer Award for best voice over, Rebecca’s voice has appeared in numerous games, movies, tv shows, trailers, and commercials. Some of her favorite projects include several games in The Final Fantasy Franchise, Horizon Zero Dawn, Aion: Heroes of War, Arena of Valor, Adrift, & Defiance. You’ve also heard her in animated projects including The Incredibles 2, Puss in Boots, Lego Friends along with a plethora of Animes including Sword Art Online: Gun Gale and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. On tv her voice was featured in How I Met Your Mother & the Wil Wheaton Show, along with a countless number of commercials. She is the inaugural recipient of the Don LaFontaine Spirit Award from the SAF-AFTRA foundation, and serves as the head of the Animation Group for the Women in Animation non-profit organization. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband Steve, and her dog Wilbur.




Hey! My name is Alex a.k.a FistofTheWalrus and i'm an avid role-player and partnered broadcaster over on I started broadcasting with my humble beginnings in college radio, but got sucked into the big, beautiful, purple world of Twitch. I currently stream full-time and do freelance v.o work. Catch me over at and i'll probably be doing some zany improv with one of my many RP characters!


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And perhaps the most important cast member? YOU! Whether you’re a casual WoW player, a lore nerd, or a hardcore raider, this show is for all of us! We want to hear your stories and include them in our show! Maybe that means a mention or maybe that means sharing your experience. Whatever it means, we’d love to be in touch! Tweet us @APRshow or email us at"